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across the bay bridge with that mission in mine. happy friday. i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. weather is the big story of the day. let's get to lynette charles with a look at what to expect as we get better for what better --we get ready for what better be a great weekend. >> you just called me stupid. >> that moons i love you. i can't believe you -- means i love you. i can't believe you said that. it's a watch that we do have the potential for flooding andkeep your eyes open if you see ponding on the roadways, you don't want to drive through that. we are looking at your maryland's most powerful radar as of now and we are dry. if you have errand to run, -- errands to run do it this morning. >> reporter: good morning. and good advice. we have trees down and flooding in certain areas.
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so definitely don't drive through if you see standing water. let's see how the beltway is moving. 695 at liberty road. we have the usual volume and it's congested from liberty road all the way around to 270. be aware of that. ever green road at holly avenue in severna park an accident there. york road at beaver run lane and ashland are closed due to flooding and argone we have and accident in baltimore. back to you. >> 6:31 right now. there new developments in the miredder -- in the murder investigation of phylicia barnes. sherrie johnson joins us live with the latest on the new information in the investigation. sherrie. >> reporter: well, abc2 news obtained search warrants for online accounts in phylicia barnes' murder investigation. it may provide a clue to what happened to her. in each warrant authorities are investigating sexual explore taste of children and dispri -- explore station of children
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anddistribution of child pornography. in one warrant, police are granted access to facebook accounts identified with numbers. the other warrants allow police to get information into several e-mail accounts, two of which contain the name phylicia. she disappeared after chris mats last year. her body -- christmas last year. her body was found npt susquehanna river. -- found in the susquehanna river. we will continue to a follow this case and bring you the latest information as we receive it. reporting live in downtown baltimore, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> thanks a lot. it was supposed to be fun day for a father and son at the ball park. the situation turned tragic. a man took his son to today a texas ranger game and died after falling from the stands. he fell 20 feet to the ground trying to catch a ball tossed his way. another fan tried unsuccessfully to grab the man to keep him from falling, but the victim's son did not fall from the stands. this is the second fatal fall at a major legal because park
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this sea -- major legal ball park this season. it started out as night of fun with fireworks at a apartment complex in dallas. but by the time a news photographer arrived, it changed. he was videotaping from a distance. that's when people got out of control and started firing fire work at each other and took aim at him. the news photographer says the fireworks hit him in the chest and back and when police showed up, the crowd took aim at them, too. the fire in massachusetts trapped a electrical worker on the pole that was close to the high voltage power lines. it started when crew truck caught fire and trapped a work here clung to the lower power lines which was a smart decision. he was saved by the quick thinking of another electrical crew working just a few blocks away. they arrive and brought the man to safety. a woman is upset after wanting to know why a tsa worker singled her hair out. laura adelphi had just gone
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through the advanced image screening in seattle, the kind that shows the body image and she was pulled aside. she is wondering why it was her hair that drew tsa's attention and feels she was singled out because of her race. strong storms blew through parts of maryland that happened last night. >> coming up a. look at damage and -- coming up a. look at the damage and what could happen again today because we could get more rain today. a football legend and up next we will share your comments with the passing of john mackey. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at 4:30. ♪ the rich aroma gets you up ♪ looking forward to your first cup ♪ morning! big day, huh? thank you. ♪ oh that mountain grown taste, ♪ ♪ just what you need ♪ for the big race. daughter: morning mom! are you excited? ♪ as you finish every mile... ♪ how rewarding are those smiles... ♪ [ cheers from the crowd ] of wakin' up... ♪ mommy, you did it!
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♪ is folgers in your cup.
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[ femawhere baltimore goesme to busch to get away.inia, maybe it's because baltimore loves the legendary coasters. or that your entire family will have fun, even the little ones. it could be that water country usa has more of the waves, slides and rides everyone wants. so plan your getaway and come play. you never know who you'll run into. get started at thanks for joining us this morning. he led the baltimore colts and became the first labor leader for the nfl for players. heart break and sadness for the passing of john mackey. charley has your comments
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online. he meant so much to so many people. >> so many people you are right. for everything he did away from the football field. he was begin credit for revolutionizing the tightend position but as a civil rights leader, he was above and beyond. what a great man to spend time with. the fans we asked you on facebook some of your thoughts on the passing of mr. mackey. and william says a gifted athlete in every way and a wonderful human being. that is what so many people are saying. condole senses to the family. -- condolences to the family. nadine says my son was sick and had to be removed and he came to see him giving him an autographed football. er when son recovered he then treated her and her family and that son to dinner. these are some of the thoughts many are saying about the passioning of john mackey. meg -- passing of john macey.
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megan. thousands wake up without power as storms caused serious damage. >> reporter: and there's a lot of cleaning up to do. i am linda so. that's what they will be doing in this neighborhood in halethorpe. we had showers and thunderstorms yesterday, but now maryland's most powerful radar is dry. i am going to tell you when we will get active again. and we have live pictures this morning from cape canaveral to show you. this is florida standing by as the space shuttle atlantis is hopefully going on a historic event today. plus a teen driving safety event a few hours from kicking off the object cals and challenges the teens will face today. we have trees down all over the roads. flooding is dissipating. where the slowdowns are when "good morning maryland" continues.
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now "good morning maryland." 6:42. the winds and tremendous rains that pelted parts of baltimore overnight -- pelted parts of baltimore overnight.
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>> lynette charles is tracking the storms at this hour because we could have more later today. >> but this morning we begin with team coverage. this time in halethorpe where linda so is standing by live with the latest in the damage there. it's pretty bad. >> reporter: yeah, really bad. we are on niagara court. look. it just tore this tree apart and splintered it. a lot of branches on the front lawn here blocking the road. we have talking about downed trees downed power lines and you know when the winds went through, the rain came down. it really tore down the trees. being see the power lines that are still down. power is out to many of the homes in this neighborhood. bge crews were here trying to get a fix but they are dealing with a lot of damage and says it will take time. they are hoping by this afternoon they will have the power back on hopefully by this evening. that huge tree we talked to the guy who lives right there, he is coming out right now. he said he he saw the storm hit
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yesterday, a lightning hit that tree, and it splintered it apart. you know, he really can't get out because that's the front lawn that's the gate that isblocking the way. he had to come out the back way he says emmett says the next door neighbor is a senior citizen and has trees blocking the front and back of her home. she is stuck in her home right now. but, again, we are dealing with a lot of damage here. luckily no one was injured. a lot of the cars were spared. they were parked in the right spot. none of the trees actually land on the cars. so they are okay. but again, bge crews will be out later this morning to try to restore power but, this is what you are dealing with, the damage will be -- will leave a loathe to clean up. go we can spec more showers and thunderstorms-- we can expect more showers and thunderstorms. we could see a repeat of what we got last night. luckily no one was injured and hopefully if it happens today,
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no one will be injured. we look at maryland's most powerful radar and things are dry. i don't want this to be a false sense of security. i know you want to see the sunshine out there, but if we get more sunshine in here, all that does is make the atmosphere even more unstable. so we are dealing with lots of moisture. we are very humid out there. by lunchtime, we will be at 84. and if more sunshine comes n. we will be hotter than that and you know the bottom will fall out once again. temperatures at 4 p.m., not too bad. around 86 degrees. but the big story today is the fact we have the thunderstorms rolling in as we go through the afternoon. all right. let's go over to tonya with your traffic. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. more good news. york road reopened at ashland and beaver run lane. most flooding dispaid. at the beltway it's -- dissipated. at the beltway low slow from liberty to 270. argone drive at mccowan drive there's an accident there. 6:45. this morning a man says he is traumatized after watching another man die in his arms.
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that man was stabbed to death on the 4th of july. he didn't want to be identified so we are concealing his voice and his face. he does want you to hear the story. >> he was up like this. his head rise right between my legs, and he looks up at me, and that's when he he died. >> the man you are hearing from we will call john claims the victim joe calo was not the intended targets for that attack. he intercede after his brother -- intervened his brother shouted a racial slur. he and his brother and friends had been drinking before the attack. the response time was within minutes but john says despite what city officials say e. saw little police -- he saw little police presence before the incident. the suspect -- no suspects have been arrested. casey anthony will be released from jail one week from this sunday. that's july 17th. now a court otold the media yesterday -- a court official
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told the media it would be july 13th but the judge and lawyers recalculated the time served dating back to 2008. a jury acquitted her of keeling her daughter this creek -- killing her daughter this week but a judge sentenced her to four years for lying to investigators about the death of the child. a illegal immigrant accused of posing as a member of the rockefeller family is due in court in california today. he he says his name is clark rockefeller. he was extradited from boston where he was serving a prison sentence for kidnapping his daughter. they were found in baltimore after authorities all over the u.s. were looking for them. he is charged with killing a man in southern california more than 25 years ago. maryland senator mikulski says a congressional vote to stop funning for the james webb telescope will kill 2,000 jobs. she called for a vote by the house appropriation subcommittee misguided. and she says it will stall scientific progress as well as discovery. the web telescope is planned as a successor to the aging hubble
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space telescope. and that is run by space telescope science institute in baltimore. speaking of senator mikulski. she is take her jobs tour to the eastern shore. she is touring the state talking with people about which parts of the government are work and which warts are not. -- working and which parts are not. she will discuss access to credit and trade issues when she meets with representatives from the seafood and poultry i dust dries. a study found dangers to know about in cribs. 9,000 children end up in emergency rooms because of cribs or bassinets. your child's crib should contain a mattress and tight fitting. she don't use blankets, pillows or bumpers and make sure it meets current safety standards and is not part of a recall. 6:48. talk about an amazing reunion. six patients involved in a triple kidney swap at the university of maryland medical
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center will meet for the first time this morning. each recipient originally came to the hospital with an intend donor. a spouse in one case and sibling in another and church friend. however, when blood and tissue type revealed the i tended donors were not -- intended doughors in were not a match they enter-- donors were not a match they entered a program. they had the kidneys removed in a single incision and are doing well and will meet this morning. we are seeing food trucks around baltimore. get ready because today they are going to be all in one place. who is going to be there? >> i might be. >> that's right. it is called a gathering. baltimore's first food truck rally happening from 5 to 10 today. searching row nieces your watches. down -- sing row nieces your watches -- synchronize your watches.
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portion of the sales for today will benefit there goes my hero foundation. >> i will visit all trucks. >> oh no. >> we will see. you missed the good times and good food since the charles vilage pub was destroyed. today they are going to have a ground breaking ceremony on west pennsylvania in towson to rebuild the popular bar and restaurant. the charles village pub caught on fire in january. it's friday, five things to know before heading out. final lift off of the space shuttle program is threatened by stormy weather. atlantis is scheduled to take off at 11:26 but there's a 30% chance the weather will be good enough to do -- to do it. prz the president meets -- the president meets with nancy pelosi to talk about the debt limit. and we are standing by to get the 911 tapes that were released after the deadly grizzly attack at yellow stone national attack. mamma gresly mauled a man who walked up on her while she
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tried to feet her cubsch the man's wife survived. the ohio state university will submit their official reply that led to the resignation of former coach jim tressel. players admitted to receiving improper benefits including trading memorabilia and cash for discounted tattoos. and the duke and duchess of cambridge arrive in california tonight for a two-day visit. this comes following the canadian tour and it's kate middleton's first trip to the u.s. and prince william's first in a official capacity. what will he do? play polo. a midnight joyride ends in tragedy out in san diego. police say a 15-year-old was driving his parent's suv when he missed an on ramp and put the suv in reverse as he backed up, he banged up the car and you can see it slammed into the suv. that car was careying a 77-year- old physicalist who died. investigators say the teen had four teen passengers and
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alcohol in the vehicle. they don't believe the driver had been drinking. right now it's unclear if the teen will face any charges. and today some area teens are taking to the road in an effortbecause of accidents like that to keep our young drivers safe. abc2 news sherrie johnson joins us live from m and t bank stadium with the details. sherrie. >> reporter: megan, today's teens will have the driving skills put to the test with an obstacle course. it's part of a summer of safety program responseored by all statement -- sponsored by all state. this is jeff behind me, one of the instruttors, and he is -- instructors, and he is so nice to take the course. he is not doing too bad. teens will participate in a safe driving challenge course. teens will be able to drive through the course trying to avoid the cones and focus on the road while learning about the dangers of distracted driving. we all know texting, talking on the phone, listening to loud music, handling rowdy passengers can be distracting
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and lead to deadly consequences. right now i have adam, a spokesman for all state, joining me live. can you tell me a little bit about why did all state decide to do this for the teenagers. >> it's a public safety crisis right now. we have 5500 people who died each year on the roads as a result of distractions. and we want to make sure we can show teenagers, really experienced what it's like to drive while distracted. see how it impairs their ability to drive and we want them to take the message home and let their parents and classmates know and know they are going to be saving lives. this is important stuff. >> reporter: all right. what do you want them to leave with. >> understanding that as well as they think they are able to text and able to drive, they can't do the two together. >> reporter: all right. very good information. very important information. now all this event kicks off at 10 a.m. this morning until 1 p.m. all here at m and t bank stadium and the teens can get good lessons on driving. reporting live in downtown
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baltimore, sherrie johnson abc2 news. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. all right. we are working with a lot of moisture in the air for today. and with that, that's why we are going to be seeing the showers and thunderstorms going into the afternoon. check out dew point to easton. 75. so, yes, we are really going to ring it all out. the satellite and radar not picking up on a whole lot but we will see more showers popping up on the radar as we go through the afternoon. so, we have a stationary front and a long that, that's the focal point for the showers and thunderstorms to pop. future radar picking up on what i am talking bass early as one this afternoon and maybe earlier than that. we will see it going into four and that will stick with us going through the evening time frame. it won't be until saturday that things start to look up. especially as we go into the afternoon. we get lots of sunshine in here and that will continue as we go into sunday. for today, the temperature i am forecasting around 86 and the
6:55 am
temperatures are a little bit on the strange side. if we get more sunshine in here, this temperature is going to be higher than that. less sunshine and more cloud cover than that and we will see the temperatures a little lower. we have the showers and thunderstorms and we also have a flash flood watch in effect through this evening. by tonight, that temperature coming in at 69 degrees. we have the showers and thunderstorms out there once again. and very soupy and humid out there. tomorrow the temperature coming in at 88 degrees and we will see the showers possible in the morning and then nice gradual clearing as we go throughout the day. the 7-day forecast looks awesome as we go into the weekend. i know you like what you see here. it's going to be dry, less humid and as the time we hit the next week, we have the chance for some more showers and thunderstorms to pop up in the forecast. temperatures will be much hotter in the mid-90s. now oover to traffic. >> reporter: i was -- i wish traffic were awesome. you know, it's slowing down on the outer loop but remember it's friday. so that should cheer you up. outer loop will be slow from liberty road to 70.
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as far as the drive times, traveling 83 southbound from shawan to the beltway, 5 minutes there. you are doing okay. 95 out of white marsh 6 minutes. the slowdown is 795 to 70 on the outer loop taking 10 minutes and bel air to providence 9 minutes. an accident reported in towson central avenue at west pennsylvania avenue. also, daulton is closed at mount royal avenue but it's for a good thing. no flooding or trees down. artscape. that's exciting i thought i would end on a good note. >> that's a good time. >> and. >> and now is the time to remind you the weekend edition kicks off tomorrow morning at 7. and the folks from artscape will join news absolutely. we are a little sad because the 9:00 doesn't air anymore. so this is the alternative. a better show with more of a community show. so, we hope you will join us at 7 tomorrow morning. >> it's going to be a lead into "good morning america "on the
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weekend edition. that starts tomorrow morning at 7:00 but until then, the news is always on at hit it. >> happy friday.
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